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A Bright Future for Malaga Province in Southern Spain

The city of Malaga has found its way this year into the select top ten most attractive cities in southern Europe for foreign investment, according to the 2014/2015 European Cities and Regions of the Future report, published by the Financial Times.

In order to draw its conclusions, the financial daily considers factors such as the creation of new facilities and infrastructure; improvements and maintenance of connectivity (communications and transport); the promotion of an attractive financial environment and the maintenance of a high quality of life.

The possibility of incentives for setting up new companies has also been taken into account, along with the existence of a highly qualified population and international promotion, among other factors.

At the top of the ranking for southern Europe is Barcelona, followed by the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto. Bilbao sits in fourth place, followed by Valencia, Madrid and Murcia. In eighth place is Skopje (Macedonia), ahead of Seville and finally Malaga, creeping into in tenth place.

In another ranking that considers all the medium-sized cities in Europe (between 200,000 and 750,000 inhabitants) that are attractive to foreign investors, Bilbao is the only Spanish city in the top ten. The Basque capital is ninth in a ranking headed by Edinburgh (UK), Lyon (France), Liverpool (UK) and Antwerp (Belgium).

The European Cities and Regions of the Future report is released twice a year in the magazine fDi (Foreign Direct Investment), published by the Financial Times.

Source: Sur in English