The “Holiday Programme” (BBC TV) declares “This area is as close to paradise as you can get.” This seems to be the common opinion of the general public who has visited this beautiful mountain village sitting above the Guadalmina River. The village is nicely laid out in a typical Moorish style; narrow cobbled streets filled with pretty white houses and a very impressive venue of restaurants. The high number of restaurants in a condensed space has given it the name of “the dining room of Costa del Sol”. It has been reported that Benahavis is a magnet for celebrities. The celebrities visit here because of the luxury resorts and hotels.
The town:
Benahavis is one of the most naturally beautiful spots in all of Spain. It’s located just south of the La Serrania de Rondo mountain range; it is enveloped in beautiful cork and pine forests. Another alluring feature is the area is crossed by 3 rivers the Guadalmina, Guadaiza and the Guadalmansa rivers. Some other attractive points are it has a lot of history associated with it. Like the unforgettable Monte Mayor Castle. It’s the richest area per capita in Andalucia because of the high density of exclusive golfing and the residential development of La Zagaleta, within the vicinity. Many properties have been added to the surrounding area thereby expanding the population of non-natives in the area.
One of the main reasons the visitors are drawn to this area is due to its premium cuisine. There is a very large concentration of restaurants in Benahavis (over 20 restaurants). The views from these dining establishments out to the surrounding country side are breath-taking . Meat is the staple of the dining crowds and you can pick up lunch or light snacks from the tapas bars.
Benahavis offers romantic meals and relaxed drinks for its visitors. If you are looking for more engaging action then you must travel to Puerto Banus or Marbella a 10 minute or 20 minute drive by automobile respectively. Estepona offers a good mixture of bars, restaurants and a very active marina.
Art enthusiast visiting Benahavis have a unique opportunity to purchase the original works of a famous artist, David Marshall, who has a studio there. Don’t forget the weekly market shopping event.
Outdoor recreation: 
You will find sports galore in Benahavis, numerous walking trails and a chance to hike in the gorge is available. But don’t pass on many other options, such as the municipal gym, football pitch, swimming pool, tennis and paddle courts, breathtaking golf courses, water sports and sailing. 
Are you interested in Costa del Sols’s Moorish history? Then visit the nearby Montemayor Castle where you can learn about the conflict between the Arab invaders and Spanish Monarchs. The castle was built in a strategically elevated position long before Benahavis became a village. From the castle’s vantage point you can look over the Mediterranean and into North Africa. Soldiers would go through an underground tunnel that connected to the coast allowing them to enter and leave the castle.

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